PL Power

PL Power Cable


Gauges: 11, 14

4 Feet Standard Length

Furutech FI-50 Connectors $299 Upgrade Price

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11 Gauge $72 per ft.

14 Gauge $54 per ft.

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Product Description

Together with my modified SurgeX power distribution and conditioning systems, a version of the PL Power Cable with a 20 amp IEC plug was used to power the Von Schweikert System at RMAF 2014, contributing to a best sound in show award in the cost-no-object category by The Absolute Sound and a very successful debut of their new VR-55 loudspeaker.

The wire used is my exclusive 14 gauge UPOCC copper litz wire which is clear, accurate and neutral. These cables add the least possible coloration to the signal, and the damping added by the woven cotton jacket helps create a very quiet background. The plugs are Neotech upocc copper with the US plug being gold plated and the IEC plug being rhodium plated, or the world renowned and often imitated Furutech FI-50. In power cables the connectors are extremely important both in composition of the conductors, the plating, the wire clamps, and the resonant quality of the body. The Furutech FI-50 isn’t only pretty, it’s designed to be non-resonant. The effect of damping plus the rhodium plating makes for a great sounding AC and IEC plug. I can also make power cables with 20 amp IEC plugs or non-US AC plugs, just contact me for a quote. The PL11 11 gauge power cable is perfect for amps, the PL14 for everything else. The PL14 has an 11g ground connection for a quieter background while the hot and neutral are 14g. Looking for the best in performance? Look no further than the PL Power Cable!

Additional Information

Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 11 x 8 x 5 in

11, 14


4, 6

FI-50 Upgrade

Yes, No

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