Power Cables

ZenWave currently offers two power cables, the PL cable made by ZenWave using our proprietary 14 gauge UPOCC copper litz wire, and the Furutech FP-S55N using Furutech’s Alpha copper with nano-fluid added to the stranded conductors. 

The PL cable is very neutral, as close to characterless as possible due to the exceptional wire used, which is also ideal for the ground leg, a connection which is often overlooked. The ground carries currents at a very wide variety of frequencies and the braided litz type wire does not increase impedance with increasing frequency like conventional wire, so it does a better job reducing noise. Due to ohm’s law (V=IR) reducing impedance, or R, means V is reduced as well, which is noise voltage in this case. Both 14 and 11 gauge PL cables feature an 11g ground leg, many other cables ground leg is smaller than the hot/neutral and an afterthought where in fact it’s a very important part of a power cable. For hot and neutral the stranding being individually insulated is a huge advantage as far as reducing grain and glare. The PL is also very flexible and easy to route and handle.

The Furutech FP-S55N is probably the best value on the market, and sounds a little more exciting vs the PL, but isn’t quite as neutral overall. The differences here are slight. To be honest the plugs chosen will have a much larger effect on the end result vs the cable it’s self as both the PL and S55N are exceptionally good cables. I’d recommend the S55N  especially for digital and components with SMPS as the S55N is a shielded cable and noise broadcast by the parts in these components can be broadcast by the component’s power cables, so in this case the shielded power cable is an advantage. The downside of the shielding are the increase in diameter and stiffness of the cable, the S55N is heavy and not very flexible. You may need some additional length to account for the inability to bend in a short radius, and for shorter cable twisting the cable to achieve the proper orientation of the plug is more difficult. If you buy the S55N bulk please be aware it’s not as easy to terminate as many cables and it won’t fit in some plugs.

If you have any questions about the power cables don’t hesitate to contact me!

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