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Zenwave Audio build’s high end cables using the best parts available from Neotech, Furutech, Mundorf and Duelund. Our cables are hand built in the USA. We are upfront and honest about what goes into our products and believe we are offering the best value in cables available today.

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Mono and Stereo Reviews the Zenwave D4's!

“There is something just about right with the way D4 cables sounds like. Zen in Zenwave stands for calm, natural and stressless transfer of audio signal without typical negative attributes one can easily and instantly hear with so called typical high end audio cable.” -Matej Isak

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Rethink Power.

– Grade A-1-1 series mode surge elimination technology, this type of surge protection does not simply dump excess surge energy to ground, instead it is stored and released over time. It also does not use MOVs, which are responsible for creating electrical noise and also wear out over time.

– EMI/RFI filtering using SurgeX’s patented Impedance Tolerant technology.

– Inrush current limiting, keeps breakers from tripping and is easier on your amps.

– Under/Over voltage shutdown. If the supply voltage raises or drops below a predetermined threshold for a certain amount of time the SurgeX will shut down your system to prevent damage.


ZenWave Cables and SurgeX ZenWave Edition Review

While ZenWave products are not “cheap” they are absolutely fairly priced, if not underpriced compared to competing products in my opinion. All ZenWave products are made in the USA to boot. They also sell DIY parts and offer free domestic shipping. Consumer friendly audiophile manufacturers like ZenWave get my applause. Recommended highly for those looking for ultra high value and high performance audiophile cables.

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